Put Down The Laptop

Life Is About Relaxing With A Cuppa

Put Down The Laptop

Life Is About Putting Your Feet Up

Put Down The Laptop

Life Is About Enjoying The Great Outdoors



Get it DoneBySam!

My Vision

If you are a small business owner, my guess is that you would like to spend your working life doing what you enjoy. If you are a gardener, you want to be outside. If you are a chef you want to cook. No one wants to be maintaining their website or filling out spreadsheets. Not only does it eat into your working hours, but it also grates away at your relaxing hours, which is what life is about!

This needs to change

I would like to live in a world where people can spend all of their time doing what they love, not sat in front of a laptop getting frustrated and stressed when they could be out in the workplace providing a service to make their customer's happy, or even just having a cup of tea in front of the telly.

What I do

As boring as it may sound, I actively enjoy building websites, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, editing photos and videos as well as various other tasks that make the majority of the populous shake with dread. I would call myself a perfectionist when it comes to how things look on a computer or mobile screen, and I won't stop until I'm satisfied.

Current Market Offerings

Website Design in Derby - What Are your Options?

Option One

Pay for an expensive Web Producer to build a bespoke website, which would look lovely, but might be more than you need. They give you very little training, so you'll have to go back and ask them to make small changes to your website.

Option Two

Use an 'off the shelf' site builder program, such as Wix or Squarespace. Although this sounds like a good idea, and it does have its benefits, you also need to consider that these programs are built to please the masses, and therefore your website will be chosen from one of a few templates, and look largely the same as all of the other businesses that have been used.  Their Search Engine Optimisation is solid, but not perfect, their plans are simple to understand, but the simplicity of the bundled services means that you are paying for much more than what you are getting than if you were to buy the services separately.

Get it DoneBySam!

I will carry out every task you need, from building your website to entering and sorting your data on Excel or Access, to editing your pictures and building materials such as Business Cards and leaflets on Photoshop. I will also provide basic training of how to edit the content of your site, and build personalised PDFs so you know how to perform the tasks without the need to call me up and ask me to do it yourself. This may sound like Marketing drivel, but my service and skill set are a very unique combination, and for possibly the lowest price you'll find it for. I hope I have interested you enough to want to contact me, and simply inquire about how I can help you and your business.

My Skills

A non-exhaustive list

Website Design is most probably my greatest passion. Therefore, your website is my greatest passion. 

I would never say I'm 100% qualified in anything, this is because these programs and concepts are always changing, and I'm always eager to learn.

My skills are not limited to what is listed here, but these are the skills which my clients tend to be most interested in. If there are any tasks not listed in my skills or services, please do not be afraid to ask me. I love new challenges and would be happy to consider any task!





Adobe Creative Suite




Contact Me

I hope I have impressed you enough to find out a little bit more about how I can help you create a bit more time for yourself, which, lets be honest, is priceless.


A few of my happy clients